The Write Way

How to write effective correspondence and other documents

Only when your people write professionally will your organisation project a professional image

E-mails, letters, reports, proposals – whatever your managers and staff write, it has to be clear, properly structured, well phrased, and free from errors. If not, the message is lost, misunderstandings occur, and the organisation's credibility suffers.

It is not difficult, however to achieve good writing. The Write Way e-learning resource offers a practical and engaging learning experience focusing on how to avoid common pitfalls and produce well written communications which get the message across clearly and concisely.

Produced in association with respected organisations, these training solutions will help your staff move beyond flawed and clichéd writing to creating professional documents that produce results.

How this course will benefit your organisation

Encouraging your staff to undertake this training will focus them on what their documents need to achieve, what their readers need to know, and the best way to express the information. Once they start to produce more professionally written communications, fewer misunderstandings will occur, relationships with customers and colleagues will improve, and the organisation's reputation will be enhanced.

This e-learning course combines structured learning with easy-reference checklists. It is suitable for employees of all levels, including foundation level employees, operational managers and staff, HR managers and trainers, and senior executives.

'The Write Way' shows techniques for creating all types of documents and correspondence in a way that is clear, concise and conveys a professional image.

Course Outline

  • The basics
    • Examples of effective and ineffective writing
    • Common mistakes
  • Structure and layout
    • Using a logical structure
    • Using images for impact
    • Avoid ambiguity
  • Style and tone
    • Selecting the appropriate tone for your audience
    • Using the 'active voice'
  • Grammar and punctuation
    • Common punctuation errors
    • Avoid sexism
    • UK vs. US English

Different types of writing

  • Letters
    • Presenting the right image
    • Effective layouts
    • Avoid stilted phrases
  • Emails
    • When to use email
    • Email as your ambassador
    • Flame mail
  • Reports and proposals
    • Effective structure
    • Tables
    • Line spacing
  • Minutes
    • What are minutes?
    • Sharing information
    • Taking and transcribing minutes
  • Assessment quiz

Courses Available

'The Write Way: How to write effective correspondence and other documents' will help your staff understand:

  • How to communicate clearly and concisely
  • How to create logical structures and clear layouts
  • Appropriate style and tone
  • How to avoid grammar, spelling and punctuation errors
  • The importance of checking before sending
Elearning Courses

Our off-the-shelf elearning courses combine video drama with documentary sequences and interactive study to provide flexible, cost-effective training that delivers results.

  • Powerful drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Flexible interactive learning modules
  • Step-by-step assessment
  • Customisation to suit your organisation's needs
  • Low cost per head

Many of our e-learning courses have a corresponding video-based trainer resource.

Our Elearning courses are built to be fully SCORM compliant, which means they will upload and run seamlessly on your in-house Learning Management System.

Alternatively, we can host the courses for you on our own user-friendly, web-based Learning Management System. This system makes it easy to deliver and track our elearning content, and our clear and concise reports give you access to the data you need for compliance or management reports.


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