It's About Time

How to achieve more – in less time and with less stress

Time – that precious resource, of which we all need more. How can we make the very best use of time, and maximise our productivity? Encourage your key staff to undertake this training, and they will learn to recognise the classic time wasters and channel their energy into smarter work techniques.

It's About Time takes a pragmatic approach to the working day, showing how deadlines can be met by avoiding interruptions and time-wasting interactions, and ensuring that urgent and important tasks take precedence.

Today's workforce is more stretched than ever, while employers are having to face increasing market pressures and statutory demands. So it's more important than ever that we all make best use of time and achieve more in less time.

With help from personal effectiveness experts, your people can learn to deal more effectively with conflicting demands, better prioritise their busy schedules, and make their working day more productive.

Reduce people's pressures rather than their workloads

Enabling your staff to manage their time effectively will increase their output of quality work while reducing unnecessary stress, and helping them achieve a better work/life balance.

As an employer you will be making better use of your people and gaining crucial competitive edge.

Your managers and staff will learn to;

  • focus on outcomes not effort
  • concentrate on urgent and high value tasks
  • use time with others most effectively
  • manage interruptions and banish distractions

Courses Available
time management online elearning course

It's About Time at a glance

  • The trouble with time
  • Urgent versus important
  • Planning the day and planning tasks
  • Mail, email and filing
  • Dealing with interruptions
  • Effective delegation
  • Meetings that produce results
  • Managing conflicting priorities
Elearning Courses

Our off-the-shelf elearning courses combine video drama with documentary sequences and interactive study to provide flexible, cost-effective training that delivers results.

  • Powerful drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Flexible interactive learning modules
  • Step-by-step assessment
  • Customisation to suit your organisation's needs
  • Low cost per head

Many of our e-learning courses have a corresponding video-based trainer resource.

Our Elearning courses are built to be fully SCORM compliant, which means they will upload and run seamlessly on your in-house Learning Management System.

Alternatively, we can host the courses for you on our own user-friendly, web-based Learning Management System. This system makes it easy to deliver and track our elearning content, and our clear and concise reports give you access to the data you need for compliance or management reports.


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