Developing Leadership Skills

How to manage people effectively

So often we expect our supervisors, managers and newly appointed directors to assume leadership as if it came naturally; but leadership has to be learned. And without effective leadership at all levels organisations cannot hope to compete or succeed.

These training solutions will give your people expert guidance on the skills required to improve and, crucially, to maintain other people's performance.

Ideal for new and existing employees with management potential

Encourage your key staff to undertake this training, and you will see them become more confident in taking up new responsibilities and managing their teams effectively. They will better handle the problems that are an inevitable part of people management. And this in turn will enable you as an employer to develop employee potential and benefit from increased morale, higher productivity and improved performance levels.

Your managers and staff will learn to;

  • build and lead successful teams
  • motivate, coach and develop others
  • develop assertive techniques
  • feed back constructively

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Courses Available

Developing Leadership Skills at a glance

  • Becoming a new team leader
  • What really motivates people
  • Productive coaching techniques
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Responsibility and style
  • Assertive leadership
  • Dramatic scenarios and expert analysis
Elearning Courses

Our off-the-shelf elearning courses combine video drama with documentary sequences and interactive study to provide flexible, cost-effective training that delivers results.

  • Powerful drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Flexible interactive learning modules
  • Step-by-step assessment
  • Customisation to suit your organisation's needs
  • Low cost per head

Many of our e-learning courses have a corresponding video-based trainer resource.

Our Elearning courses are built to be fully SCORM compliant, which means they will upload and run seamlessly on your in-house Learning Management System.

Alternatively, we can host the courses for you on our own user-friendly, web-based Learning Management System. This system makes it easy to deliver and track our elearning content, and our clear and concise reports give you access to the data you need for compliance or management reports.


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