The Diversity Challenge

Diversity has become one of those buzz words which everybody recognises, but few people can satisfactorily define.

We believe that diversity is about celebrating difference, and valuing and respecting everyone in the workplace. All this is, of course, easier said than done. That is why we have developed The Diversity Challenge, a range of awareness-raising learning solutions.

The Diversity Challenge will help your people challenge long-held misconceptions and prejudices about race, age, disability and all the other ways in which we differ. It will help them understand why unwitting discrimination and harassment happens, and how to ensure equal opportunities. Further, it will focus them on the personal and business benefits of diversity at work.

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Videos Available

The Diversity Challenge: Maximising the potential of our diverse workforces

diversity in the workplace dvd video training

Designed for employees from shop floor level to the boardroom, this video is equally valuable for introducing aspects of diversity to staff for the first time, or for helping managers and HR professionals get the best from an organisation-wide diversity programme.

Training people to understand and embrace diversity is not an event, it's a process.

The Diversity Challenge can form a central part of this process for your organisation, and as a result will help you avoid costly and damaging discrimination claims, and create a more comfortable, inclusive work culture.

This DVD will show your staff:

  • How to remove unhelpful 'filters ' when recruiting and selecting.
  • How to avoid unlawful behaviours.
  • How a diverse workforce is more attuned to the needs of its customers.
  • How to develop diverse products and services
  • How diverse teams can harness a whole range of talents.

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Video Clip Library

Our video clip library of over 140 training scenarios covering equality, diversity and inclusion, bullying and harassment, personal performance and well-being and workplace skills, lets you 'pick and mix' individual clips to add impact to your in-house e-learning and presentations.

Access our extensive catalogue of powerful drama-based video scenarios, documentary case studies, real-life testimony and expert analysis to enhance your in-house e-learning, presentations and training workshops.

Our clips can be delivered in a format to suit all computers, networks and mobile devices.

These video clips go hand in hand with our video-based training courses to provide a powerful and effective way to build core skills in a face-to-face group environment. All courses include

  • Drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Personal testimony
  • Structured discussion and reflection points to consolidate key learning points
  • Customisation available to suit your needs
  • Full trainer notes
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