Under Pressure

We have been hearing about stress for so long now that it has become an accepted, if difficult, part of life at work. But stress overload is not just a problem for individuals: it is now one of the major causes of absence from work – currently a huge cost for business and industry.

As an employer, you are legally obliged to take steps to protect the psychological and physical well-being of your staff.

 'Under Pressure: Successfully coping with stress' is one of those steps. This video will help your staff identify the early signs of stress and provide fresh insight into how to handle the inevitable pressures of the workplace.


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Under Pressure

under stress and pressure video dvd training

'Under Pressure: Successfully coping with stress' will help your staff:

  • Recognise the 'stress zone'
  • Assess their vulnerability
  • Cope better and avoid panic
  • Work smarter
  • Achieve work/life balance
  • Support colleagues
  • Deal with bullying
  • Learn relaxation techniques

This video uses dramatic scenarios, animation, expert analysis and interactive quizzes to provide a complete 'stress-busting' kit.

Suitable for people in all parts of the organisation, it has been developed to help staff at any level including foundation level employees, operational managers and staff, HR managers and trainers, and senior executives.

This video will help to improve employee morale and develop employee potential by showing your staff how to spot potential pressure points in their working day, and arming them with the techniques to handle them. The content and structure of this course has been planned to give your staff the power to turn workplace stress into positive energy.

Video Part 1 – Think Smart! Includes

  • Understanding stress
  • Symptoms of stress

Part 2 – Work Smart! Includes

  • Plan your day
  • How to say no

Part 3 – Relax! Includes

  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Visualisation techniques

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Video Clip Library

Our video clip library of over 140 training scenarios covering equality, diversity and inclusion, bullying and harassment, personal performance and well-being and workplace skills, lets you 'pick and mix' individual clips to add impact to your in-house e-learning and presentations.

Access our extensive catalogue of powerful drama-based video scenarios, documentary case studies, real-life testimony and expert analysis to enhance your in-house e-learning, presentations and training workshops.

Our clips can be delivered in a format to suit all computers, networks and mobile devices.

These video clips go hand in hand with our video-based training courses to provide a powerful and effective way to build core skills in a face-to-face group environment. All courses include

  • Drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Personal testimony
  • Structured discussion and reflection points to consolidate key learning points
  • Customisation available to suit your needs
  • Full trainer notes
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