Social Media in the Workplace

The growing use of social media has wide-ranging implications for the workplace. While it's true that there are huge benefits to our highly connected society, its darker sides are also starting to be felt in areas such as data protection, freedom of speech, online defamation, time theft, cyber-bullying and the invasion of privacy- all of which pose significant risks for businesses and organisations.

This new learning resource examines the challenges and risks that social media and social networking tools pose for employers, looks at the law on virtual communication and provides guidance on how to manage social media use in the workplace.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • be familiar with social media and social networking tools and understand how and why people use them
  • understand the key risks posed to employers and businesses by social media use and misuse
  •  have a basic understanding of the law and ethics relating to social media be able to explore different ways of managing social media use in the workplace
  • be able to draw up and implement a workplace social media policy


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Videos Available

Social Media in the Workplace

social media in the workplace dvd video training

The Smart Employee's Guide to Social Media offers tips for staff on the responsible use of social media in an informal video presentation and accompanying quick-reference booklet.

Delivered through powerful video sequences that combine interviews with experts, dramatised scenarios 2 and self-contained guidance, the course examines social media from both a managerial and employee perspective and presents effective strategies for both using and managing social media.

 Topic-specific training modules examine key areas of concern and set out strategies for managing any potential risks to your business. 3 Drama scenarios provide powerful examples of the impact of social media activity in the workplace and create a springboard for discussion and reflection on key issues and questions.

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Video Clip Library

Our video clip library of over 140 training scenarios covering equality, diversity and inclusion, bullying and harassment, personal performance and well-being and workplace skills, lets you 'pick and mix' individual clips to add impact to your in-house e-learning and presentations.

Access our extensive catalogue of powerful drama-based video scenarios, documentary case studies, real-life testimony and expert analysis to enhance your in-house e-learning, presentations and training workshops.

Our clips can be delivered in a format to suit all computers, networks and mobile devices.

These video clips go hand in hand with our video-based training courses to provide a powerful and effective way to build core skills in a face-to-face group environment. All courses include

  • Drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Personal testimony
  • Structured discussion and reflection points to consolidate key learning points
  • Customisation available to suit your needs
  • Full trainer notes
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