Performance Appraisal

Constructive staff feedback will help you unlock individual potential and meet business goals.

Too often staff appraisals are either a one-way criticism or an unfocused chat. Used properly, however, the process will enable managers to check progress on business targets and identify development needs to benefit the individual, the team and the organisation.

Performance Appraisal: Getting it right! will give supervisors and employees fresh insight into how to transform performance reviews into positive and productive experiences. We believe that this learning solution will help you get the best from your performance appraisal programme.


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Performance Appraisal

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How this course will benefit your organisation

Take your teams through this training experience and they will learn to prepare more fully for performance reviews and focus their discussion on what really matters – measurable targets, actual progress, barriers to success and future training needs.

'Performance Appraisal: Getting it right!' will help the Appraiser in the following ways:

  • Assessing performance and competencies
  • Avoiding bias
  • Interviewing and feedback skills
  • Dealing with difficult situations

Please contact us if you would like more information on how to order DVDs or video clips.

Video Clip Library

Our video clip library of over 140 training scenarios covering equality, diversity and inclusion, bullying and harassment, personal performance and well-being and workplace skills, lets you 'pick and mix' individual clips to add impact to your in-house e-learning and presentations.

Access our extensive catalogue of powerful drama-based video scenarios, documentary case studies, real-life testimony and expert analysis to enhance your in-house e-learning, presentations and training workshops.

Our clips can be delivered in a format to suit all computers, networks and mobile devices.

These video clips go hand in hand with our video-based training courses to provide a powerful and effective way to build core skills in a face-to-face group environment. All courses include

  • Drama trigger scenes
  • Expert commentary and analysis
  • Personal testimony
  • Structured discussion and reflection points to consolidate key learning points
  • Customisation available to suit your needs
  • Full trainer notes
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